Mid-April Update

Wow… not enough writing so far this month! I’ve been doing a lot of travelling – 3 trips in the first 15 days. I did manage to get some writing on the one trip that was on a plane, but no writing while driving!

I also have two bits of news – one of which is pretty good for me, but bad for my fans, and the other is good for my book, but also bad for my fans.

News #1: I have been offered a programming job, and I have accepted it. I don’t want to say too much right now, but it’s work I would be good at, on a problem I enjoy, for good money. The bad news for my fans is that this is going to reduce the number of hours I have for writing. I absolutely intend to keep writing, but I don’t have new goals/forecasts yet.

News #2: The initial feedback for Debts of My Fathers is mixed, but from some of it at least, I am considering a major revision to one of the plot-lines and one of the characters. In the end, I think these changes will be good for the book and the series, but the bad news is that a May release is now pretty much impossible. It looks like June now.

I’ll be able to say more in another week or two. Right now I’m scrambling around trying to find my Social Security card to finish off my I-9 form.