Ships of My Fathers

Another tale from Beneath the Sky’s vast Hudson Confederacy universe…

Michael was orphaned at seventeen, light-years from home. His inheritance: a starship, distant relatives he never knew existed, and inescapable questions that challenge everything he thought was true.

Michael’s quest for answers takes him halfway across the Confederacy, from the gleaming corridors of the wealthy super-freighters to the dark holds of Father Chessman’s pirate ships.

The truth is waiting for him, but he’ll have to survive to find it.

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Beneath the Sky

Maggie is a young schoolteacher on the multi-generation colony ship, God’s Chariot, bound for their promised world, New Providence. When a faster-than-light freighter crosses their path, a forgotten history catches up with them and puts their future in doubt. Maggie and her father are drawn to the center of the conflict over what will become of their colony, their faith, and even their lives.

It’s the space-opera analog of the Mayflower landing in modern Boston, filled with high technology, different customs, and 747’s cutting their travel time down to hours. Battling conspiracy, politics, and even pirates, Maggie must rise to the challenge or face her colony’s doom.

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14 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hey Dan – Nathan at suggested your book – I really enjoyed it – please keep up the stellar work.

    pun sort of intended!

  2. I too read Nathan’s recommendation and picked up your book. Great stuff. Looking forward to more Father Chessman tales.

  3. Picked up book based on recommendation on Was pleased. What are your plans for more Father Chessman books in the saga?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Ships of My Fathers. The sequel, Debts of My Fathers, is in edits right now. I’m targeting the end of the year for release. The overall series should have five books and will likely wrap up sometime in 2015. In the meantime, another book of mine, Beneath the Sky, is in the same universe as Ships of My Fathers.

      Thanks for your interest!

        • Alas yes, the sequel has slipped. I’m want to get closer before I announce a new date, but it will be sometime in the spring, hopefully not as late as May. I am about to hand it off to my beta readers, and then it’s a few fixes after that, polishing, and then the copy editor and formatting… it adds up.

          Thanks for your interest!

  4. Dan – I ran across your website based on the FTL series you wrote. Grabbed both books and devoured them. Excellent books, I look forward to more. Any idea when Debts of my Fathers will be released?

  5. I am in the middle of Ships of the Fathers and am enjoying it greatly. I started looking for the next in the series but couldn’t find it out there yet. Is the next book going to be released? I will sign up for the newsletter in hop of an update. Thank you for the story.

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