Blogiversary 2021

Today is my blogiversary, September 22. It’s been around ten years, but at the moment, I can’t remember now if it’s been nine, ten, or eleven years. But hooray! Maybe I’ll have better luck posting more regularly this time around.

It’s been a rough year, and after 2020, that’s saying something. I’ve been hospitalized another handful of times, including once for pretty major surgery on my innards. What was going to be few inches removed from my small intestine ended up being two and a half feet removed. Recovery was slow and included a couple of trips back to the hospital. This was the third surgery to try to fix this. Hopefully, third time is the charm.

Also due to issues in the extended family this summer, I had to deal with with the kids and all these health issues with much less support than I’m used to. Combine that with the ongoing isolation of the pandemic (Boo Delta!), and my mental health is in the shitter. My PTSD is acting up enough that I’m getting the shakes again. Toss in the gout flare-up, extra-high blood pressure, and a heaping helping of chronic pain…

Yeah, like I said, it’s been a rough year.

But the writing is starting to happen again. I’ll say more later, but I have returned to book four of the Father Chessman series, and I’m working towards starting into book five for NaNoWriMo this fall.

That’s it for now. I’ve got to save something for follow-up posts, after all.