2 thoughts on “I am alive.

  1. Dan, I loved your article in 2014 about page sizes and margins. Did the font size article ever get written? Can’t find it. Hope you are well!

    BTW, I know absolutely nothing about you. I’ve hosted a Denver-based daily radio show for 26 years and sell my own books (15k copies in print or audio so far, at an average price of $30, so I’m hangin’ in there 🙂

    – Bob at http://rsr.org (Real Science Radio

  2. Oh, I didn’t realize that I was posting publicly, and on an “I am alive” page no less. But anyway, glad to hear that you’re alive. Dan. Me too! In fact, my radio show is called Bob Enyart Live. Guess it’ll end when I’m not any longer! 🙂

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