Wow… it’s been three years since I decided it was time to get moving on my publishing career, and while it’s been a great ride, I’ll be the first to admit that this third year has been a rough one.  I would say more, but at the moment I’m pretty wiped out.

Which is my way of saying it’s been a rough few weeks.  The last part of summer was rough, kid-wise, and then I had a week-long business trip that kept me busy each day from dawn to bedtime.  (I admit, though, that the trip itself was pretty fun.)  Alas, a week with the kids solo left my wife in not the best shape, and then to pile onto that, I came back from my trip with a burgeoning sinus infection.

So, I’ve been on antibiotics for several days, and that included five days of fever, something I haven’t seen since I was a kid.  I’ve been finally getting up out of bed some today with hopes of getting back to work tomorrow, though even that is going to be a struggle, energy-wise.

So, anyway, it’s been a rough year, writing-wise, which is sad, because I had set out with such high hopes.  I’ll update more in a few days when being vertical is not as much of a challenge.

Take care!