End of March Update

CalendarObliqueI’m a quarter of the way into the year, and I’m doing that accountability thing. Yes, still. And no April’s Fools jokes in this post. I think I’ve already burned my one writing-related April Fools joke, and it went pretty badly.

The writing numbers: I wrote 51,758 words in March, bringing me up to 149,856 for the year. For the month, that broke down as 60% fiction (Oaths of My Fathers), 25% social media (Google+ mostly), and the rest scattered across private correspondence. Oaths of My Fathers grew to almost 83,000 words in March and is early in Act 3. I’m currently projecting it to close at around 110,000 words, give or take, and I’m pushing hard to make that happen soon.

I’m starting to get the beta feedback for Debts of My Fathers. I’ll be getting two or three more sets of feedback this coming weekend.

So, at almost 150,000 words, I’m about 100,000 words short of where I wanted to be. Not so good, but I’ve also fixed one bottleneck in my editing process, and I think I’ve come close to fixing another bottleneck in my fiction-draft process. So, while I am on track to hit only 600,000 words for the year rather than the 1,000,000, the challenge is starting to accomplish what I wanted – namely, forcing me to fix some problems in my writing productivity.

Meeting up with other writers: Not much progress on this in March, but I did go do the whole write-in-at-the-coffee-shop thing one morning. It was nice change of pace, and I banged out close to 2000 words in that session. In April, I will be returning to AggieCon for the first time in about four or five years, so that will be nice.

Beef up the website: Bleah, this is where I hang my head in shame. After accomplishing the move, about all I’ve accomplished is to create the email sign-up form, but I haven’t tested the email list yet nor have I done anything to let the old commenters know about it. And yeah, I didn’t do much in the way of actual content this month – too busy writing novels.

Health: This one held steady this month. I made no great strides, but I at least held back from the slip that was February. A number of non-health things popped up, including septic problems and three trips – one of which I’m on now. But at least my health has been decent.

That’s it for now. More coming soon! Pinky-promise!